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What You Should Know About Buying Homeowner's Insurance


Do you get a discount having your home and auto together?

Yes. Most insurance companies, reward you for bundling your insurance policies together and give you a

discount. Plus it is much more convenient for you to have all of your policies under one company if possible.

What deductible should you use?

The amount of deductible depends on you and your family. If you’re in a financial place where a higher

deductible will not burden you financially in an event you need to use it, we recommend a higher deductible

because it will save you more money long term. The deductible needs to be a mount that you feel comfortable

with paying at any time in the event of an emergency.

Do you include land when insuring the home?

Your home insurance covers your home and any other structures on the property. It usually does not cover the

land. It does however, cover liability if someone were to fall and get hurt on your land.

Do I have liability if someone gets hurt on my property?

Yes, your home insurance covers liability if someone is to fall and get hurt on your property.

Do I need separate insurance for wind and hail?

Most insurance companies add this into their policies. Check and make sure your policy covers it.

Is there a discount for having a security system?

Most insurance companies reward you for having an alarm system, you may have to show proof for

underwriting to grant the discount.

Can my animal affect my premium?

Yes, due to the nature of certain breeds of dogs, insurance companies sometimes will not insure a property that

holds a certain breed of dog. Some examples are: Rottweiler, Pit Bull, and Chow

What is an independent agent?  Why is he or she good for you?

An independent agent, is just that, independent. He or she has no loyalty or ties to a certain insurance carrier,

which means the agent can work with many different insurance carriers. The benefit for YOU is your agent can

shop around to find the BEST insurance that FITS for you and your family’s situation. Not everyone lives in the

suburbs, or lives in a newer home, not everyone has great insurance scores, or a perfect driving records,
because of these different variables, there are different insurance companies with different types of coverage

and only an Independent Agent can access all of them for you.

What is guaranteed replacement Cost?

Guaranteed replacement cost means that the insurance company will pay whatever the cost it takes to replace

your home in the unfortunate event it needs to be rebuilt under the perils covered in your insurance. This is the

best home coverage you can get, if you have it, check your dwelling coverage to make sure you are not over


What is an insurance review?

An insurance review, is just as it sounds. It is a review of all of your insurance policies to make sure you currently

have the best coverage for you and or your family at the current time. Life happens, and often time we may

need to change our insurance to adapt to those changes. Clark Insurance will offer an insurance review anytime,

even if you are not a current customer. During your review, Clark Insurance will also go over all your coverage so

that you understand exactly what your insurance covers and exactly what it does not. Think of it as a mini

insurance lesson, empowering you on your policies.


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