7 Things To Do If You Don't Have Summer Plans

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A lot of events in the Triangle Area were cancelled or postponed during the COVID quarantine, which has thrown a lot of summer plans into disarray. If your summer plans got cancelled, however, that doesn’t mean that all is lost. There are still a lot of things you can do, and a lot of fun you can pack into these next few months!


If you’ve ever wanted to contribute or do something for a charitable organization, but never had the time - summer is a great chance to do some volunteering! Think about donating your time to the SPCA, helping out a rescue mission, or delivering meals to people in need. Even if you just check in and mow your neighbor's grass, you’ll be doing something that’s good both for your community and for your spirit.

Scavenger Hunts.

You can find tons of ideas for scavenger hunts online, or you can get creative and make up your own rules. Grab some friends (or your family), set up some prizes, craft some sneaky clues, and you’ve got a fun afternoon ready to rock. Who has the best treasure hunting skills?

Spend Some Time on the Water.

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Whether you have a preference for the lake, the beach, or the river, there is nothing quite like being on the water in the summertime. If you don’t have your own kayak, there are plenty of places to rent one for the afternoon. Just make sure you practice proper water safety!

Join a Meetup Group.

Meetup is free to join, and connects people with similar interests. They’ve got a little something for everyone - from hikers to foodies to film buffs and everything in between. Not only can you take part in some fun activities, but you might also make some new friends.

Be a Tourist in Your Own City.

We spend so much time in our day-to-day lives, we seldom stop to appreciate what makes our towns so very special. Take a day (or a weekend) to experience the Triangle with fresh eyes. If you’re into museums, check out the ones closest to you. Tour local landmarks. Walk your downtown district and pay attention to how many locally-owned businesses you can find. If you love coffee, make a list of the best coffee shops in town and make a point to visit each one. You can also try this exercise with other types of businesses, such as restaurants.

If you’re into walking around town, a quick Google search can give you ideas for walking tours - or you can search for interesting spots within walking distance of one another and create your own adventure.

Take a Hike! (Literally!)

Parks and greenways are open, and just being out in nature is like a breath of fresh air for our minds and souls. Find the closest spot of nature (any spot - it doesn’t have to be a forest, it just has to be outside) and go for a walk. Pay attention to the leaves on the trees, the way the breeze blows, and be present in the moment. (Or don’t - some folks prefer to listen to their playlists and podcasts when they exercise.) The point is to get some exercise in the fresh air.

Have the Ultimate Cookout.

We use the word “cookout” here because we know that barbecue is sacred, and not everyone is prepared for the long hours of low and slow cooking it takes to get things perfect. (If you are one of those special souls, call us. We want to be BFFs with you and your BBQ.) 

kebabs and sausages on a black and grey grill

Call up some friends and family, fire up the grill, and spend a lazy summer afternoon with good food and good company. (You can even do this while social distancing - just stick to the backyard to ensure plenty of space.)

Try a new recipe that you've never had before. You could even add a fun twist, like a competition to see whose mac and cheese or banana pudding is the best on the block. Bonus points if you’re able to put together some s’mores before the end of the evening.

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