Hinton Street - Raleigh

The Hinton Street project is a very unique project which involves the removal of a home built in 1940 that was sitting in the middle of 3 lots and the construction of three new urban cottage style homes. Urban Cottages emphasize the efficient use of space, both indoors and outdoors, in higher density pocket communities. Residents will enjoy the amenities the location has to offer while being part of a revitalization process that is architecturally integrated into an existing neighborhood.

While all of the cottages will provide an open floor plan, each home will be uniquely charming with exterior elevations that create an attractive streetscape. In addition, each home site is carefully designed to accommodate a detached garage. Gephardt carefully planned every aspect of the design including the landscaping. Each home will have a manageable exterior providing privacy without the feeling of being boxed in.

Urban cottages are small enough to be affordable, while allowing the ability to use high quality finishes throughout the home. These homes are designed for an array of lifestyles including single occupants, couples with or without children, those who utilize public transportation or those with multiple vehicles, and those with a desire to have their own yard but use their time traveling or enjoying the urban lifestyle. With is versatility, one can enjoy the home for many years and when it comes time to sell, it will be attractive to multiple types of buyers.

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